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Project Description
Sharp Checkers is a checkers game written using the Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern. I wrote this some time ago and recently ran into it on my computer. I initially created it over the course of one week to experiment with the MVP design pattern. Up until today (November 14, 2009), it was a throwaway project but now I realize it can be expanded upon and used as a learning tool for myself and others.

Sharp Checkers is currently not as feature rich as my old hit, Maverick Checkers, which was written in Java. At the time I published Maverick Checkers, it was the strongest and most feature rich Java application available on the web based on my web searches and some reviews I found on the web. Maverick Checkers can be run as a standalone application or through a browser. I've included the Maverick Checkers application and screenshots in the source control repository as a point of reference (~/resources/MaverickCheckers).

Over time, I hope others will extend this project with more features so that it surpasses Maverick Checkers.

This project is meant to be a playground to experiment with the latest .NET technologies in a structured project. Let's incorporate WPF, WCF, MEF, Silverlight, Touch. Implementing a front end using HTML 5 features such as canvas will also be an interesting avenue. In addition, I'd like to see those interested in AI build better Checker move engines that will be plugged into the application via MEF.

Sharp Checkers Screenshots

Maverick Checkers Screenshots
02-sample-piece-set-2.png 03-sample-piece-set-3.png 04-pdn-game-database.png 05-game-analyzer.png 06-board-editor.png 07-export-game.png

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